Agen9 gun

"Don't monkey around with Agent 9!"


Space Monkey


Agent 9 was a lab monkey for the professor at Agent 9's lab, but was given a laser blaster and was taught to fight. After he helped Spyro, he wanted more action so, he followed Spyro to Skylands and asked Eon if he could use a Space Monkey like him, and of course, Eon accepted him.


1: Laser Blaster

2: Zapping Function

SOUL GEM: Flaming Laser

Additional AttacksEdit

Anti-Gravity Boots

Space armor

After Burner

Path 1Edit

Rotating Beam

Triple Beam

6 Beams Round'

Path 2Edit

Lightning bolt

Triple Stream

Flaming Trail


He is voiced by Richard Tatum who also voiced Countdown.