"Three Spikes and Your Out!"




Once just a cactus, Alamoe would stand still doing nothing in the desert, till one day a group of desperatos attacked a traviling stage coach. He knew he had to do something so, he took a rope and lasoed the Varments. With this action he went to be a Skylander to protect all of the other innocent by-standers.


1: Lasso

2: Cactus Shield

SOUL GEM: Prickly Pears

Additional AttacksEdit

Long Lasso

Over Grow

Covered in Spikes

Path 1Edit

Lasso Whip

Two Ropes

Lasso Gathers Items

Path 2Edit

Exploding Cactus

Reflective Shield

Tall Teratory


  • The catchphrase Three Spikes and Your Out, is a reference to the baseball Three Strikes and Your Out!

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