MagicSymbolSkylanders Ape in the Cape MagicSymbolSkylanders
Species: Monkey
Gender: Male
Element: Magic
Role: Skylander
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: World
Attacks/Actions: Unknown
English Voice Actor: Max Casella
First Release: Skylanders: World

How About a Magic Trick? -Ape in the Cape's official catchphrase.

Ape in the Cape is a monkey magician in Skylanders: World. He is of the Magic element.


The Ape in the Cape or “Ape” for short was once a famous magician in the northern part of Skylands. He and his lovely assistant/girlfriend would perform many magic tricks for the residents of Skylands. One day a rival magician kidnapped Ape’s girlfriend and tried to force her to marry him. Fortunately, Ape came to her rescue and banished the magician with his magic. Thankful for being rescued, the lovely assistant wanted to marry Ape, but Ape decided to use his magic for heroics instead and joined the Skylanders.


  • Ape in the Capes's catchphrase is based off a quote from The Dark Knight.
  • When he gets a new hat, he uses the same attacks as his original hat.

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