"watch our watch out "


Argus ( a fabled creature from Greek Mythology with 100 eye balls.)


Legend has it that centuries ago, a creature with 100 eyes was made, but was so ugly it was slayed by Hermius, and it's eyes were placed on the feathers of all peacocks today. Nobody knew this, but there were more than one Arguses! Kaos was attacking a forest when out of a tree, an Argus sprang out to defend his livelihood with his hand-crafted pike. Kaos was repelled by the creature, and fled the forest. When Eon heard of this creature's bravery, he arrived at that forest and offered him the position of a Skylander, and Argus could not help but say "YEAH!"


1: Spear toss

2: Fore-sight

SOUL GEM: rock 'n' roll

Additional AttacksEdit

Upgraded Armour

Magic Pike

Collect Items while in "rock 'n' roll" form

Path 1Edit

Triple Spear Toss

Charge Spear Toss

Exploding Pike

Path 2Edit

Fore-sight reveals items

10 second stunning toward enimies after fore-sight

Fore-sight ranges farther.