Arkeyan Cove Ruins

Arkeyan Cove Ruins is an adventure pack in Skylanders: Multiverse.


The ruins of an ancient arkeyan sea kingdom in which has not been discovered to this very day, archaeologists have discovered it and set out to explore it but while exploring they accidentally triggered the activation system which activated all robotic entities in the kingdom. The Skylanders duty is to save those archaeologists and to stop the aquatic arkeyans from invading the surface.

Pack ContentsEdit

Sea Strike

Hydro cannon

Mighty Chest


Chapter 1Edit

Arkeyan Sea Caves: You need to explore the outside of the kingdom to activate 5 switches to open through the gate.

Completion time: 9-12 minutes

Items: Scrolls, 2 chests, a hat, and a water elemental zone, and a Mine creator zone.

Chapter 2Edit

Arkeyan Mazes: You need to go through the maze and try to get to the 2nd floor.

Completion time: 6-7 minutes

Items: 2 chests, a hat, two Soulgems, and an Earth elemental zone and a water zone.

Chapter 3Edit

Arkeyan Monument: You need to get out of the 2nd floor to go to the 3rd floor.

Completion Time: 7-8 minutes.

Items: 2 chests, story scroll, tech elemental zone.

Chapter 4Edit

Trouble in Arkeyan Monumentt: When you make it to the third floor, the security system has activated and arkeyans have apread throughout the are and you have to try to beat all the enemies and progress to the next area.

Completion Time: 7-8 minutes.

Items: 2 chests, 2 Soulgems, a Repair creator zone, and a hat.

Chapter 5Edit

Fish Food: You go into an area then proceed to the next area, which then you commence a battle with the Robotic, Arkeyan Fish. And after you beat the fish, a 6 minute timer begins and you need to escape through the emergency exit area to complete the chapter and beat this adventure pack. And on the way out you also save the archaeologists!

The Robotic Fish's stats:Edit

HP: 900


Bite: 75 damage

Floor laser: 32 damage

Chew: 15 (each chew)

Vacuum: 0 (then once you fall in its mouth it begins to chew.)

How to beatEdit

When the battle commences the fish will swim around the arena and summon some weak arkeyans. Then after a while it'll submerge down and chase the skylander around slowly trying to bite. And after a while, it goes to a corner and begins to suck you in. Once it begins hatches open and bombs pop out. Throw a bomb to stun it, which leaves its vulnerable robotic tongue with a glowing orb on it. Careful not to get in its mouth or it'll begin to chew, shake Wii remote to get free. Sometimes, it'll fall to the ground and begin shooting a laser and spin on the ground, jump over it. Repeat the tactics to defeat it.

Completion time: 8-9 minutes

Items: None

Arkeyan Sea caves theme and monument:Edit

Undrwater and inside theme06:36

Undrwater and inside theme

Robot-Fish Battle theme:Edit

Robo-Fish battle theme (Chompy Mage theme)11:09

Robo-Fish battle theme (Chompy Mage theme)

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