"Fear my gears"

-Arkeyan Model 1 official catchphrase

The Arkeyan Model 1 is an air and tech Skylanders that appears in Skylanders: Fused Elements

Basic InformationEdit

Name: Arkeyan Model 1

Species: Arkeyan

Element(s): Tech and Air

Gender: Male

Appearance: Arkeyan Model 1 is a two legged Arkeyan that wields a sword and shield. It is on occasion black and white but a glitch causes it to be red and blue. It also has a very dark voice often scaring creatures.


When the Arkeyans first set foot on the land they created the Models which were original versions of themselves. The Models were built quickly and eventually started the Arkeyan Empire. Many of them, however, malfunction and were buried away. Thousands of years later rain and mud washed of an Arkeyan Model and the sunlight revived it. The Arkeyan, using his memory, went to the ancient temple where they used to rule. However, when the Arkeyan found it to pieces he caused havoc across the land. The Skylanders where no match for him. After several severe lightning storms the Skylanders were able to capture the Arkeyan. Learning, from the Skylanders he set out to help the people of Skylands and became a Skylander.


Primary attack: Spin blades- Arkeyan Model 1's hands turn to blades that rip through metal

Secondary attack: Tornado- Summons a tornado

Basic UpgradesEdit

Sharper?- Blades now have stronger ripping action

Little Pest- Tornadoes throw out chompies

Laser? Yea baby!- Arkeyan Model 1 now has lasers which shoot out from eyes

Going Up?- Tornadoes now pick up enemies

The True Heir (Tech)Edit

True Blades- Blades now spin at a faster rate than before

Blade 'X'- Hold the primary attack to unleash a massive blade that chase enemies

Better is Stronger- Arkeyan Model 1 earns better armor and has a wheel

God of Thunder (Air)Edit

Lightning- Tornadoes now have lightning

Movement over Power- Tornadoes now could be controlled

Wakey wakey- Chompies now have a stronger bite


(Found in Ancient Temple ) Armor is improved a little more

(Found in Ancient Temple ) Chompies now hold bombs


  • Much of his upgrades are based upon other Skylanders' saying