I'm Diggin' In!


-Arma-DRILL-o's catchphrase

Backstory Edit

He was once an Armadillo kid who went to school for the first time,he was made fun of because he was a nerd.He loved mechanic things but he came from a familly of miners so nothing technical in his future everyone thought.But then he came up with an idea to mix both of them,so he made towo big mechanical drills and montaged them to his hands.A little while later Eon came and offered him to be a Skylander Arma-DRILL-o said yes and was the yougnest Skylander from then on at the age of 7.

Attacks Edit


  • Big Drill:Drills his hands into an enemy.
  • Tail Slash:Slashes his tail on the ground to hit the enemy.

Basic Upgrades

  • Bowling Ball:Turns into a ball and spins around bowling all the enemy's down.
  • Drill Machine:Drills are 2x stronger.
  • Tail O' Slashes:Tail Slash does more damage.

Soul Gem:Rage Temple

  • Moleway:Digs into the ground and comes out behind the enemy and backstabs the enemy with a drill.

Gallery Edit



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