"Go Bananas!" Eruptor's Catchphrase for Baburn

Baburn the Fire Mandrill is one of 8 Beast Skylanders. 


This Giant Fire Monkey roamed the lands and torched all that got in its way, but eventually became extinct due the Giants taming it and the Arkeyans hunting it. Now resurrected, the Baburn continues to go bananas on all things evil.


Attack 1: Burning Slap

Attack 2: Fire Fart


Slap Happy: Burning Slaps do more damage.

Bottom Blast: Charge up your fart.

Easy on the Peppers: Attack 3 lets you breathe a cloud of fire.

Burning Clap: Charge up Slap to make a shockwave attack.

One Tough Kong (Slapping)Edit

Even More Slap Happy: Rapidly hit attack 1 to dish out lightspeed Slaps.

Kongquest: Slaps turn enemies into insane jumping fireballs.

Baburn Combos: A1, A1 and A2: Ground Smash, A1,A1, A3: Burning Punch

Fire Away (Fire Farts and Breath)Edit

Bigger Bottom Blast: Charge up your Fart even more.

Gorilla Grill: Farts now are flaming Gorilla heads which do more damage.

Bad Banana: When charging the Bottom Blast, press attack 3 to breathe a super cloud of fire with Banana Landmines.

Soul GemEdit

Blazing Baboon: When perfroming a Burning Clap, press A2 to fart into the ground.

Elemental Rider AbilitiesEdit

Air: Slaps paralyze enemies.

Earth: Fire Fart has bigger blast radius

Fire: Increased Stats

Life: Standing in a cloud of fire heals you.

Magic: Summon Firey Monkeys that home in on enemies through Burning Clap.

Tech: Shoot Banana Missiles instead of Farts.

Undead: A1, A2, A1 turn enemies against each other with an Ash Breath.

Water: Spit scalding hot water at enemies.

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