Bampire is a bat humanoid in the Undead element.From the moment Bampire was born, he knew he was special. He was bigger than his other kind. He also discovered Bat Bombs, which he thought were really fun. He flew out of his cave onedayy while the others where sleeping.He was flying about when he saw some trolls stealing a statue of Count Batty. Bampire blew up those trolls and returned it to Count Batty, who confronted Eon and told him about Bampire's heroic deed. And to this day, Bampire still protects Skylands...and blows some of it up.His catchphrase is 'Cant beat the bat!'


Bat Bomb: Press 1 to throw a bat bomb.

Bat Swarm:Press 2 to summon a swarm of bats.


To the skies!: Press 3 to swoop in the air and then slam on the ground.

Bat Attack: Bat swarm has more bats.

Batty Manuver: While in the air, press 1 to do an elbow move when you hit the ground.

Bat-splosion: Explosions from bat bombs are bigger.



Hold 1 to charge up a bat bomb, and let go to make a SUPER-SPLOSION.

Press 1 twice to place a time bomb.

Jump and throw a bomb to slam it on the ground.


Hold 3 to aim, then let go to pounce on an enemy.

Slamming on the ground makes a shockwave.

To the skies! attack does more damage.

Soul Gem:

Bat's gotta hurt: Hold 2 to charge up bat swarm, let go to unleash ULTRA-BAT. The longer time you hold the more powerful it is.

Wow Pow:

Bat's got Bite!: Press 1 three times to do a bite dash.

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