Band Aid

"That's a Wrap!" Band Aid's Catchphrase.

Band Aid is a mummified Alien who is a Core Undead Skylander in Skylanders Evolution.


Band Aid used to live in a barren desert where the Cactus Lions roamed, as a member of an alien race called the Scarabax, who used the amulet in their right eye and transform into a beetle-like creature. Unfortunately, the Scarabax liked enslaving innocent Mabu and doing things the Arkeyans wouldn't dream of doing. Band Aid tried to free the Mabu and stop his people's evil reputation, but he was then executed and mummified for this valiant crime. Many years later, after the Scarabax were overwhelmed by the Arkeyans, Band Aid rose from his tomb with the help of Dino-Rang. While some of his bandages have rotted away, along with his skin, he still wants to make up for his kin's evil deeds as a Skylander.


Attack 1: Bandage Whip

Attack 2: Scarab Dash


Extra Wrapping: Bandage Whip is longer and does more damage.

Boney Boomerang: Press Attack 3 to throw your arm.

Beetle Ball: While Scarab Dashing, Press Attack 3 to drop a Sandy Dung Ball.

Ramses' Curse: Whip enemies to turn them into a cloud of locusts.

Break the Habit (Bandages and Arm)Edit

Cursed Slab: Throw your arm to leave a Slab to curse enemies.

Sandy Bandages: Bandage Whip turns enemies into mummies with locusts flying around them.

Wrapid Fire: Press Attack 1,1,,3 for a Bandage Spin, 1,1,2 for Sphinxian Barge.

Ancient Arthropod (Scarab Dash)Edit

Wrapped Lunch: While Dashing, fly into locusts to eat it to gain health.

Jewel Beetle Japes: Dash long enough to gain a metallic sheen, doing maximum damage.

Dung Roller: Dung Balls can be rolled around.

Soul GemEdit

Oasis Beetle: You can fly over water and roll dungballs on it.

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