"Why did i become a bandit? To get rich, yeah, but still, noooooooooooooooooooo" Banditus's quote when captured.


He will shoot homing spike at you, yet they are avoidable if you keep running, he then will spin across the arena then stop to pick up his glasses,


spike missles- shoot homing missles at enemies, medium range, shoots 12 spikes, 10/12 damage each spike

spike spin- spin around damaging everyone, close range, 50 damage each hit


Banditus's quest will involve him setting a trap to an enemy using his spike, requested by a mabu. It is actually to trap the mabu's brother to drop the family toad, which also drops the evoloution to Banditus. Banditus's evolved form will change his skin to grey, bandana to green, tooth necklace to brown and hat to red.


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