"It's ze time?"

Baron Von Crushjaw official catchphrase

Baron Von Crushjaw is a huge whale with four crab legs with a cannon on its back hat appears in Skylanders: Fused Elements

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Baron Von Crushjaw

Species: Whale

Gender: Male

Element: Water

Appearance: Baron Von Crushjaw is a blue whale with four red crab legs and a golden cannon on its back


Deep within the Sea of Knowleged a tribe of seals try finding a source of power. They found an ordinary whale and they decided that it must have power. They had to make it walk so they killed a giant crab and placed its legs on the whale. They added the cannon for extra protection. Thus Baron Von Crushjaw was born. It protected all of the seals from danger. After years of protection he went to Eon to protect Skylands from danger


  • Primary attack- Taily Swing: Press A1 to swing your tail
  • Secondary Attack-Cannonball: Press A2 to release a cannonball

Basic UpgradesEdit

  • Whale Song: Press A3 to make Baron Von Crushjaw sing
  • Cooler Tail: Tail gains blue stripes and does increase damage
  • Gold Ball: Cannon ball turns gold and does more damage

Deep Sea (Tail and cannon)Edit

  • Drop Anchor: Tail is now an anchor
  • Platinum Cannon: Cannon is now platinum and does increase damage
  • Ancient Water: All basic attacks do increase damage

Beauty Singer (Singing)Edit

  • Sound Wave: Song does increase damage
  • Song of Healing: Singing heals yourself and your partners
  • Killer Song: Singing causes notes to appear and damage enemies more than regular singing


  • Knowledge: (High Sky ) All attacks do ingress damage


  • He is the a similar counterpart to Baron Von Shellshock

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