EarthSymbolSkylanders Beryl EarthSymbolSkylanders
Species: Crystalline (Beryl), Boar (Ground-Hog)
Gender: Female (Beryl), Male (Ground-Hog)
Element: Earth
Role: Sensei
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Senseition
Skylanders: World
Attacks/Actions: Wrecking Boar
Grounding Hog
Crystal Treat
Wrecking Combos
Grounded for Life
English Voice Actor: Laura Bailey
First Release: Skylanders: Senseition

I'm So Boared! -Beryl's official catchphrase.

Beryl is a girl/boar duo in Skylanders: Senseition. She is a Sensei of the Wrecker Class.



Primary AttacksEdit

Attack 1- Wrecking Boar: Press 1 to swing around Ground-Hog, press 1,1,1 to do a "Crystal Flip" combo.

Attack 2- Grounding Hog: Press 2 to send Ground-Hog underground to uproot crystals, while Hog's underground press 1 to whip enemies with you leash.

Attack 3- Crystal Treat: Press 3 to uproot a giant crystal that explodes when it hits the ground, press 2 to have Ground-Hog to jump and eat it and slam down with a shockwave.

Soul Gem- Synchronized Slam: When ever you use "Wrecking Boar" crystals slam down.

Sky-Chi- Off the Leash: Hold the Special Button to activate your Sky-Chi, move around while spinning your leash around, while Ground Hog is eating the ground along with some enemies.