Blaze Crunch's Database Edit

  • Name: Blaze Crunch
  • Catchphrase: Fear my firey crunch!
  • Gender: Male
  • Role: Skylander
  • Home: Skylands
  • Appearance: Blaze Crunch takes on the appearance of a shark with a pair of arms and legs. He has firey teeth, and has a scar over left eye. He is also grey in color. His fin is made out of fire, and there are steam coming out from his gills.

Game Appearances Edit

Personality Edit

Blaze Crunch is quick to react and short-tempered. When ever he sees an enemy, he attacks recklessly although he seems to defeat the enemy easily even though he is reckless. Also, whenever anybody calls him names or pranks him, he will get mad and beat up whoever did that to him. Once, Sunburn thought it would be funny to prank him by touching his back and then teleport away, unfortunately got caught by Blaze Crunch and got terribly injured, so he didn't do any Skylander missions for at least a week or so.

Backstory Edit

Blaze Crunch was an ordinary shark that lived among the seas of Skylands. That was until a group of underwater pirates came to pollute the seas and steal a treasure. Blaze Crunch was caught in the hot pollution, gaining him firey teeth and a pair of arms and legs. Using his new-found powers, he attacked the pirates and stopped the pollution. When he came back to his kind, he saw Master Eon there breathing underwater waiting to recruit him. When Eon asked if Blaze Crunch would like to become a Skylander, he immediately said yes. From that day on, no pirates never polluted the seas again all because of Blaze Crunch.

Basic Attacks/Actions Edit

Basic Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Path 1 Edit

Upgrade Path 2 Edit

Soulgem Edit

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