Unnamed 1st boss

The Evil Earth Elemental Boss.

Boulderpede is the second boss in Skylanders: Multiverse that are multiple boulders, crystals, and ores formed by Kaos to take the form of a large centipede. It is found in the first world, Skyfields in the final chapter, Boulder Battle. He also appears in the Skylanders:The Master Sword Adventure Pack Level Molekin Mountain as a Boss.


  • Health: 20000
(2000 Per Boulder)
  • Armor: 1000


Tail Slam: 178 HP

Pincers: 120 HP

Crystal Eruption: 72 HP

Eye Beam: 95 HP

Charge: 154 HP


The battle begins with a short cutscene with Kaos using the evil element of earth to create the boss, then when the cutscene is over, you begin battling. Boulderpede will begin by following you around trying to bite you with its pincers, then if you go to far it will either charge at you or begin shooting a laser beam. If you get closer, it may shake its tail up and down, signaling its going to slam it's tail on you, if it hits, you take massive damage and then it immediately takes it out of the ground, but if it misses you, its tail gets stuck on the ground and that allows you to destroy a segment, repeat the process until you destroy all of its segments. And when you destroy all the segments, the boss crumbles to the ground causing the evil element to be destroyed and then Kaos flees away.

Boss ThemeEdit

♪♫ Climb SWAP Zone Skylanders SWAP Force Music02:25

♪♫ Climb SWAP Zone Skylanders SWAP Force Music

Boulderpede Battle Theme

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