Brain Box

"Don't Mind Me!" Pop Fizz's Catchphrase for Brain Box

Brain Box is a Psychic Cthulhu Beast who represents Magic.


Of all the mystical creatures in Skylands, the Cthulhus are the rarest and most advanced when it comes to psychic prowess. Brain Box is one such creature, who seemed to be a bit juvenile and use its power to bully innocent sailors. When it was captured by Arkeyans, Ninjini rescued it and became her faithful steed.


Attack 1: Psychic Ball

Attack 2: Tentacle Stretch


Mind Melt: Psychic Balls do more damage.

Cthulhu's Flight: Press Attack 3 to fly, giving enhanced speed and armour.

Narwhals Got Nothing: Tentacles stretch out further and give you health back once enemies are reeled in.

Tentacle Terror: While flying, press Attack 2 to grab an enemy from the ground.

Kinetic Kraken (Psychic)Edit

Levitate and Eliminate: Once an enemy has been reeled in, hold Attack 1 to levitate above your head and release to throw it.

0G Skyvandal: While flying, hold Attack 1 to choose a target, and drop an island on the enemy's head.

Telewhatsit: Hold Attack 1 and then press Attack 3 to teleport, leaving Psychic Balls flying in all directions.

Sentient Squid (Tentacles)Edit

Kevin's Best Mate: Tentacles reach their maximum length.

Pstretching Out: While stretching out your tentacles, hold Attack 1 to send them in multiple directions.

Crude Calamari: Tentacles have a psychic cloud which lures enemies towards them.

Soul GemEdit

Mere Seconds: Tentacles retract back much quicker.

Elemental RidersEdit

Air: When Tentacles retract back, they leave thunder clouds behind.

Earth: Psychic Balls turn enemies to stone for a while.

Fire: When stretched as far as they go, Tentacles catch on fire and damge enemies.

Life: Hold Attack 1 to regain health.

Magic: Increased Stats

Tech: Psychic Balls are now electrified, doing extra damage.

Undead: Press Attack 3 while Tentacles are out to summon hands that fight alongside you.

Water: Have the ability to swim and to also throw Squid that track down instead of Psychic Balls.

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