Brass Nuckel

"My Catchphrase got Chained!" Ghost Roaster's Catchphrase for Brass Nuckel.

Brass Nuckel the Nuckelavee is the Undead Element Beast.


In the time the great battle between the two beings who later would become Eye-Brawl, a strange animal followed them through the Valley of the Undead until they declared a truce. As Eye-Brawl set out to be a hero he soon noticed the Nuckelavee, with his horse body and brass veins, and took him along for the battle of the Arkeyans.


Attack 1: Horse Head Chain

Attack 2: Laser Scream


Banshee Banter: Laser Scream does more damage.

Metal Horse Teeth: Chain Head does more damage and has longer range.

Kick Out of It: Press Attack 3 to unleash some nasty kicks. Press it while moving to charge.

Horse Throated: Scream long enough and your laser gets a longer range

Here Comes the Chain (Chain and Kick)Edit

Gold Horse Teeth: Chain Head does even more damage.

Stones in the Hooves: Kick Attack does more damage to strikes quicker.

Brass Nuckel Combos: A1, A1, A2 for Fourth Wall Fangs. A1, A1, A3 for Crazy Chain Smash.

Nuckel Nightmare (Scream)Edit

Reel and Squeal: While the Horse Chain is retracting, press Attack 2 to make the horse scream.

Sweet Screams: While Screaming, press Attack 3 to throw your actual head, making a sound bomb.

Frighty Night: Scream at enemies and they'll scream too.

Soul GemEdit

Nuckel Dusters: While your Laser Scream is at its maximum range, press Attack 1 for a Spooky Punch Attack.

Elemental RidersEdit

Air: Scream is now a Vaccuum to eat enemies and regain health.

Earth: Horse Head is now a diamond that does more damage.

Fire: Charge to turn into a burning rider, leaving a trail that burns enemies.

Life: Head Bomb leaves behind seeds the latch onto enemies.

Magic: Get your scream to maximum range and let go to release a devastating blast.

Tech: Chain is longer and electrocutes enemies while retracting.

Undead: Increased Stats

Water: Hold Attack 2 to spit scalding water.

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