Bread beard

"Why don't you like breaaaaaaaaaaaaad?!?!?!?!!?!"- Bread Beard's quote when trapped

Combat mechanicsEdit

When you encounter Bread Beard, he shoots bread at you, and sometimes calls for bread airstrikes at you. Sometimes when you are close, he will radiate his oven heat at you, damaging everybody around him, including his allies.


Bread shot-- shoots bread, medium range, if not hit by enemy, it will attract enemies, 78/89 damage

Oven heat- he radiates his oven heat, damaging everybody around him, 1 hit per second, 8 seconds max before overheating, 64/79 damage per hit


He is sought after by Batterson, when Bread Beard goes to him, he asks for him to cook the perfect cake Batterson made. Bread Beard will overheat the cake, which will make it crunchy, while batterson actually say it is better that way. His changes will be at the picture below.
Bread beard2


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