"Brick and Break!" --Brick Wheel's Catchphrase

Element: Earth

Species: Wheel Dog and Brick Dawg

Brick Wheel is a Brick Dawg and Wheel Dog. It is unknown how he became this combination.

His Series 2 Upgrade is called "Crystal Happy Brick Wheel"


Brick Wheel was upset. He couldn't go up hills or roll down them slowly. But then, there was a speed tourament where whoever wins gets to be a skylander. Several people entered and so as Brick Wheel, when the race started, he was in 3rd place but made it to 1st with his spark wheels. Then, Eon made Brick Wheel a skylander.  

Series 2


Series 1



Brick Ears fly off


Super Crash

Mega Crash

Supreme Crash


Dirt boogers

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