Brontorangus was the best there was, and the best there would ever be, until Dino-Rang became a Skylander. He was the only dionsaur jealous of him though, so he decided that Dino-Rang wasn't the only dinosaur to become a Skylander. He trained hard, made his own boomerangs out of an indestructible stone, made his own armour, and became well known to others. But still keeping the promise he made to himself, he joined the Skylanders. Yet even with a lack of vocabulary, but a really smart Skylander, the others accepted.
165px-Dino-Rang's protoype


Brontorangus would be an Earth Skylander, and please note he would have all of Dino-Rang's moves.

Species: Dinosaur. Catchphrase: "IMMA THROMING MAH RANGS! BLAAAAARGH!"

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