Bubble Blower is a Water Skylander made of bubbles.
Bubble Blower for CCSW

Bubble Blower


"Don't pop the bubbles!"




Once, Bubblemen did not exist. Then a mad scientist (literally!) got some bubbles together and combined them with a living essence. The bubbles solidified, and created Bubble Blower. He escaped, and ran away. He felt lonely though, so he managed to create some more Bubblemen. He lived as their leader, but he always longed for adventure. One day he met Master Eon, and quickly became a Skylander.


Main AttacksEdit

Bubble Throw: Press A to throw a deadly bubble.

Catch Bubble: Press B to create a large bubble which traps enemies and does damage over time.

Basic UpgradesEdit

Solid Bubbles?!?!: Bubble Throw does extra damage.

Poppies!: Pop lasts longer.

Pop: Press Z to pop, and turn into a tiny blue bubble which enemies can't see.

Path 1- Catcher Master (Catch Bubble Path)Edit

Longer Catch: Catch Bubble lasts longer.

Mini-Bubbles: Mini-Bubbles follow the Catch Bubble and attack enemies randomly.

Catch of the Day!: Catch Bubble can catch multiple and/or bigger enemies.

Path 2- Popper Power (Pop Path)Edit

Pop Bang: Enemies near you when you activate Pop take damage.

Extra Bang: Enemies take extra damage when you activate Pop.

Pop-tock, Pop-tock: Pop last even longer.

SOUL GEM- Through and Through Pop: Whilst in Pop-form you can pass through objects.

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