A giant for the game Skylanders fall of the core but briefly appears in Skylanders time benders on Xbox,PlayStation,Wii,Wii U and 3DS

Appearance Edit

In skylanders time benders he looks like a cactus with legs but in skylanders fall of the core he has more detail

Powers Edit

Primary Button:Shoots thorns

Secondary Button:fires a cactus missle

Upgrades Edit

Mega thorn:thorns do more damage

Dual missle: Shoot 2 missles at once

Mega shield:Creates a cactus shield

Paths Edit

cactaboom:Maxed out thorn damage,Three cactus missles

Armoured and spikey:Sheild is at maximum defense,gets a permanent aurmour

Skylanders 2000 and somthing to 2014 (maybe 2011)

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