Catcus Jack

"The Lion Stings Tonight!" Tree Rex's Catchphrase for Catcus Jack.

Catcus Jack the Cactus Lion is the Beast representing Life.

Biography Edit

10,000 years ago, in the middle of the Dirt Seas. The Arkeyans did not rule. Instead were a pride of animals that were part Cactus, part Lion. Catcus Jack was exiled from his pride upon finding water to the dismay of the dominant male. Now, he is the only Cactus Lion to live after his kin were wiped out.


Attack 1: Needle Blast

Attack 2: Pounce


Pin Cushion: Shoot out more needles, increasing damage.

Hair Rasier: Hold Attack 3 to stick out your fur, and damage enemies that touch you.

Pounce then Bounce: Hold A2 to keep jumping ahead.

Piercing Prickles: Needles go right through enemies.

Needle Know It All (Needles)Edit

Spikey Shield: Cacti Hairs reach out longer.

Needlenator: Charge up your Needle Blast for a Super Needle.

The Chopper: While your Hairs are out, rotate the control stick to spin around.

Pounce in Pride (Pounce)Edit

An Old One: Hold down Attack 2 and jump for a Needle Shower

The Flying King: Jump and Pounce for to cause Cactus Plants to erupt from the ground.

Catcus Jack Combos: A1,A2, A2 for Spinning Tail. A2, A2, A3 for a Roll Attack.

Soul GemEdit

Cactus Flower: While your Hairs are out, Flowers draw enemies in.

Elemental RidersEdit

Air: While your hairs are out, rotate the control stick to spin around and fly.

Earth: Pounce causes sand to appear, where Cacti grow.

Fire: Flowers shoot fire when using any of your attacks.

Life: Increased Stats.

Magic: Needles home in on enemies.

Undead: Defeated enemies turn into Cacti, that shoot needles after a while.

Tech: While your fur is out, electricity shocks nearby enemies.

Water: Throw Spiky Coral instead of Needles.

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