"Like the light?"

UndeadSymbolSkylanders Chandelier UndeadSymbolSkylanders


Species: Haunted Object
Gender: Genderless
Element: Undead
Role: Skylander
World: Deadmen's Cove
Appears in: Skylanders: Fused Elements
Chandelier's official catchphrase

Chandelier is a living chandelier who appears in Skylanders: Fused Elements


Long ago after the Arkeyans ruled Skylands they commanded other Arkeyans to create furniture. One day an Arkeyan name Gladiator Doom created a chandelier. Upon creating it the building became consumed by evil. It filled all of the items with souls giving them life. However, little did the Arkeyans know that among all those wicked twisted souls was a good one. That was Chandelier. It defeated all of them with the new powers it obtained. Upon realizing this it went with Gladiator Doom to Eon who made it a Skylander.


  • Fire Ball: Press A1 to unleash a fire ball that comes out of its mouth
  • Hazy Eyes: Press A2 to shine a light that burns enemies through the eyes

Basic UpgradesEdit

  • Ghostly Visit: Press A3 to unleash a ghost from within
  • Be-doo, Be-doo: Fire Ball does increase damage
  • Natural Beauty: Hazy Eyes last longer

Killer Looks (Fire and eyes)Edit

  • The Fire from Within: Hold A1 to unleash a huge fire ball
  • Laser View: Hold A2 to shoot a huge laser from your eyes
  • Consume: Enemies killed by Laser View will attack other enemies

Hell (Ghost)Edit

  • Leading Ghost: Ghost now attack for longer
  • Follow the Leader: Ghost now sing and makes enemies follow it and they get hurt in the progress
  • Ghostly Mayhem: Three ghost come out of Chandelier



  • His A1 is based on the song "Pitbull: Fireball "
  • He looks like Chandelure from Pokemon
  • His first A2 upgrade is based on Despicable Me 2
  • During the making Chandelier was originally was going to be a fire element but the idea was change
    • This is why he appears as fire/skylander on the categories
  • His base glows red in the dark instead of green
  • His figure shows him with yellow eyes due to the fact that it was made to look like pokemon Chandelure
  • If left along he will start to weep and make ghost rise from the ground
  • His soulgem is actually in Chandelier's Mansion
    • Upon gaining the soulgem, if upgraded in the mansion, Chandelier would make the whole mansion a maze
      • This hidden level is actually the basement of Kaos' castle
  • Chandelier is like Gladiator Doom's son due to the fact that he created it
  • His upgrades The Fire From Within is based on a book writing by Chris D'Lacey



TB Chandelier

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