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Species: Chocolate Bar
Gender: Male
Element: Tech
Role: Skylander
  • Lostlander
  • Ally
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders Lost Forever
Attacks/Actions: Charge


English Voice Actor: Ben Hall
Choc 'n' Roll!

Choc 'o' Choc is a Lostlander from Skylanders Lost Forever. He is from the tech element and is a Chocolate Bar who drives a car.


Choc 'o' Choc was a Chocolate Bar who lived with his brother in Kaos' private fridge. He lived there for ages until one day Kaos opened the fridge and out he took Choc 'o' Choc's brother. Choc 'o' Choc could here chomping. Kaos was a food killer! As quickly as he could Choc 'o' Choc ran out from the fridge and jumped into Kaos' car. From there he started attacking Kaos with his car, and his bare hat. As soon as Eon heard about this, Choc 'o' Choc was never the same chocolate bar again. Although Hot Dog is very tempted to eat him.

Basic MovesEdit

Hatter: Hold the primary button for Choc 'o' Choc to fry his hat hitting any enemy it sees.

Charge!: Hold the secondary button for Choc 'o' Choc to charge at enemies.

Basic UpgradesEdit

Stronger!: Attacks do more damage.

Eat Me!: Hold the third button for Choc 'o' Choc to explode into one million choccy bits.

Don't Eat Me: Exploding does more damage.

Hat Throw (hat)Edit

Strongy: Hat does more damage and gives you 100 free coins.

Invisability: Hat is now invisible when thrown.

Spiked: Hat is now spiked making it impossible to dodge.

Charging Chocolate (car)Edit

Further: You can now charge from further distances.

Firery: Car is now on fire!

Speedster: Choc 'o' Choc is now a much faster character!

Soul GemEdit

Armed Up: Car now contains armour.


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