" Cut the Chucks."


Chuckle Chuck


Chuckle Chucks are rare magical creatures that live in trees, and sing songs. Chucky was no ordinary Chuckle Chuck, he would try to become a fighting force with the ECC (Elite Chuckle Chucks), and defend his tribe from the Ogres. When the Ogres captured the ECC, he got scared, and ran away from his village. After he had been running for a long time, he felt depressed that he could not defend his tribe. Just then a wizard appeared to him, and gave him a pare of magic nun-chucks, and sent him to Eon's Island. He trained all day till Eon gave him the position of a Skylander.


1: Nun-Chuck Combo

2: Comet Roll

SOUL GEM: Super Light Dash

Additional AttacksEdit

Light Dash

Super Nun-Chucks

Chuckle Chuck Armour

Path 1Edit

Spiked Nun-Chucks

Nun-Chucks a'Blaze

Pair 'o' Chucks

Path 2Edit

Hailey's Comet

Comet Tail Trail

Ring of Fire