WaterSymbolSkylanders Chumchops WaterSymbolSkylanders
Species: Cyclops
Gender: Male
Element: Water
Role: Skylander
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: World
Attacks/Actions: Swordfish Sword
Turtle Shield
A Harder Shell
Sharper Snout
Cyclops Spin
English Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker
First Release: Skylanders: World

An Eye for an Eye! -Chumclops' official catchphrase.

Chumchops is a cyclops soldier in Skylanders: World. He is of the Water element. He is also the only cyclops that got the honor of being a Skylander.


As a young Cyclops, Chumchops loved the sea. He used to sail on his boat and learn many things about it. So it was only natural that when he grew up he became a soldier in the Cyclops army. But just like Boomer, he realized what they were doing was wrong. Then he discovered to his horror that the Cyclopses were using sea animals to power their war machines! Because of this, he turned against his brethren and left the Cyclops army. News of his heroic deeds made their way to Chill who realized he was different from the other Cyclopses and decided to recruit him to the Skylanders.


1:Swordfish Sword- Slash at enemies with your swordfish sword. Press A1, A1, and hold for a special combo!

2:Turtle Shield- Block enemy attacks with your turtle shield.

3:Cyclops Spin- Spin around in a spiral through enemies.

SOUL GEM: Cyclops Armor- Armor decreases enemy attacks.

Basic UpgradesEdit

A Harder Shell- Turtle Shield's defense is increased.

Sharper Snout- Swordfish Sword does increased damage.

Spiky Shield- Turtle Shield has spikes that damage enemies.

Path 1:Fishy Fighter (Swordfish Sword and Cyclops Spin)Edit

Cyclops Combos- Press A1, A1, and hold A2 for Fish Fence. Press A1, A1, and hold A3 for Swordfish Skew.

Longer Blade- Swordfish Sword does even more increased damage.

Spin, Spin, Spin!- Cyclops Spins lasts longer and does increased damage.

Path 2:Turtle Titan (Turtle Shield)Edit

Ouch! That Hurts!- Spikes do increased damage.

That's A Big Shell!- Turtle Shield has even more increased defense.

Turtle Ram- Ram through enemies with your shield.

Battle CriesEdit

  • "An Eye for an Eye!"
  • "Eye like it!" -when given a nickname
  • "Eye will defeat you!" -when fighting
  • "Eye look good!" -on stat menu
  • "Where’s my helmet?"- given a hat
  • "Eye see a way through!"- going through an elemental gate or a locked gate

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