Species: Cicada
Gender: Male
Element: Life
Role: Skylander
Appears in: Skylanders: Mutated

Bug Call
Molted Shell
Swarm of Stings

First Release: Skylanders: Mutated
"Call the Bugs!"
    —Cicarta's official catchphrase

Cicarta is a Life Skylander from Skylanders: Mutated.





  • 50 - 200
  • 120 - 200
  • 120 - 200
  • 80 - 200


Basic Abilities

These abilities are available from the start of the game.

Soul Gem Ability

Requires Soul Gem from: Harpy Hangout

Bug Call Molted Shell Cicadahive

Primary Ability Press your primary power button to call on other cicadas to help you fight.

Secondary Ability Leave your shell as a decoy for enemies.

Price: 4000 Hold primary attack button to throw a beehive that bursts with cicadas.

Basic Upgrades Skylanders can buy new abilities from Power Pods/Persephone

Hover Swarm of Stings Shell of Steel Multi-Shell

Price: 500 Hover above enemies.

Price: 700 Cicadas now have stingers.

Price: 900 Shell is tougher.

Price: 1200 Cicadas have shells too.

Cicada Circus This upgrade path lets you further develop your Bug Call attacks.

Cicada Council Insect Tornado Bug Droppings

Price: 1700 Cicadas circle enemies, making them cornered.

Price: 2200 Cicadas fly in a circle, picking up enemies as they go.

Price: 3000 Cicadas can now dive bomb enemies.

Molting Larva This upgrade path lets you further develop your Molting attacks.

Saber-Tooth Ancient Allies Banished Bones

Price: 1700 Enemies hit by ghosts move slower.

Price: 2200 Pack members will only be die by being killed by enemies

Price: 3000 Defeated enemies extend a pack members life.


Battle CriesEdit

  • "Pack Up!"
  • "You Like My Pack?!"
  • "Pack Or Else!"
  • "I'm the Alpha here!"
  • "For my pack!"
  • "The power of extinction!"
  • "I'm older than the Giants!"
  • "Bones Of The Predator!"
  • "Hunting Freely!"
  • "On The Hunt!"
  • "The Hunts Have Paid Off!" When Checking Stats
  • "Now THAT's A Name For An Alpha!" When Given A Nickname.
  • "Reminds Me Of My Old Home." When Entering An Elemental Gate.
  • "My Pack Will Like This!" When Given A Hat.

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