Construct- Shaun
"Hail to the nail!"- Construct- Shaun's cathphrase


When trolls found the piece of the Eternal Tech Source, they started working on a project that will give kaos all of skylands, using the Tech Source as the engine. What they did not know how ever, is that every peice of the core has an understanding of good and evil, so when the project was halfway through, Contruct- Shaun activated and ruind the trolls plan to use himself as a weapon. as a part of the recently found Source squad, he battles as an unstoppable source of unending tech!


Nail gun- press attack 1 to shoot nails from nail gun

Hammer bat- press attack 2 to swing you hammer like a bat to damage enemies in front of you!

Basic upgradesEdit

BIG foundation- press attack 3 to insert a giant nail into the ground and make it spin around and damage enemies near it, while you are going with it

Sharp as a nail- nail gun does increased damage

Not a toy anymore- hammer is bigger

Heavy metal- hammer does increased damage

Path 1# "The foundation", improve nail attacksEdit

Machine gun, Machine nails- hold attack 1 to rapidly shoot nails that do extra damage

Light, but sturdy- huge nail does increased damage at a larger area and increases speed while on the nail

Basics hurt- nails stick to walls and enemies and explode after a second

Path 2# " The tool", improve hammer attacksEdit

Glammer hammer- hammer does increased damage

Spin-a-rama- while on the giant nail, press attack 1 to swing the hammer for 2 seconds, damaging more in a bigger area

The hammer...... OF DOOM!!!!!!- hold attack 2 to charge the hammer, and release to damage many enemies in front of you

Soul gemEdit

Construction work- when you finish riding on the giant nail, the nail stays in the ground. If you swing your hammer at the nail, you will damage enemies around you and send nails flying around

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