"Drill in, get it?" --Crashes Catchphrase   

Element: Earth


When Crash left his family, Wrecking Ball sneak followed. Until he smelled a scent that made him Wrecking Ball, himself. Crash was cursed to eat 9000 pounds of food everyday, eventaully, the Skyland Council put an end to that Curse. Crash was fat but he didn't really care at all, when he was surrounded by enemies, Crash spit out food on them. Crash found his brother when he joined the Skylanders.


Gooey Chewed Up Banana Shot

Slippery Throwup

Throwup Volcano

Marshmallow Fangs

Feed of Enemies

Spike Drill

Throwup Spikes

Drilling Tounge 

Throwup Acid

Stone Statue

Stone Torch

Chocolate Rocks

Pop Rock Beams

Pop Rocks

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