"I'm a Mall Cy-cop!" --Cycop's Catchphrase 

Element: Magic

Species: Cyclops

His Series 2 Upgrade is called Pixie Karate Cycops. 

Series 2


When Cycops was young, he got a Karate Suit.  With a belt where you can put your weapons in. Eventaully, after he can became the best in Karate Class, he became a Karate Cop, he got some new weapons and improvements to his suit as well. But Cycop's arm was streching and became wobbly after 6 weeks of being a Karate Cop, after that he joined the skylanders. Whirlwind welcomed Cycops to the Core of Light.


Pixie Dust

Magical Arm


Helmbet Headbutt

Strech Arm


Magic Wand

Magic Show

Weak Smile

Arm Spike Attack

Pixie Bee Cannon

Karate Kick (Soul Gem Power)

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