"I'm deady!" --Dead Eye's catchphrase 

Species: Alien

Element: Undead


Dead Eye was from the Spacelands, where everyone hated Skylands. Dead Eye found a book in his local library, it was about Skylands, he read through it, he wanted to be a Skylander, but when Dead Eye was making a portal to Skylands, he got caught from the Arfkeyan Guardians. Dead Eye then had his feet and hands chopped off and were replaced with knives. After that, he was in prison, luckily the Arfkeyans forgot to destroy the construction of the portal. Dead Eye kept punching the wall with his blades. Then finally, the wall fell down and Dead Eye escaped and made the portal quickly and ran into the portal. Skylands was a wonderful place. Dead Eye was looking for Master Eon, who was then found near the Core of Light. Dead Eye said he wanted to be a skylander and he became one.




Shock System 

Eye Cannon (Soul gem)

Flying Eyeballs

Airplane of Eyeballs

Bloody Blades

The Alien's Deadly Portal

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