"Dead-end!" --Death's Catchphrase

Element: Undead

Species: Evilized Mog Tooth


Starting it's life in an egg, Death was evilized when hatching, no Skylander noticed. The Skylanders thought those Crystals were part of it's body and born that way. But when they found out it was evil crystals, it was too late. Later in the years, Death was cursed by Vathek to wear a bone attached to a string, near his fin, causing all sorts of pain.

Death couldn't be unevilized. But then, Eon read about the Mog Tooth Tamer and gave it a try on Death, it worked and now Death is a good guy, with evil crystals. His good body is in the inside, but he just can't get him unevilized, not even attacking. Eon made Death a skylander, even though the Evil Crystals were on him. 


Bone Whack

Split Bone

Evil Chomp

Sharp Crystals

Skeleton Dummy

Skeleton Appearance


Bone Lasso

Dead Fin

Bleeding Body

Dead Button!

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