TechSymbolSkylanders Dee-Jay TechSymbolSkylanders
Species: Unknown
Gender: Female
Element: Tech
Role: Skylander
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Eris's League
Skylanders: Master Quest
Skylanders: Senseition
Skylanders: World
Attacks/Actions: Disc Jammer
Light Beats
Record Trap
Disc Pierce
Record Explosion
English Voice Actor: Kimberly Brooks
First Release: Skylanders: Eris's League

Pump Up The Jam! -Dee-Jay's official catchphrase.

Dee-Jay is a former DJ in Skylanders: Eris's League.



Primary AttacksEdit

Attack 1- Disc Jammer: Press 1 to shoot a disc that bounces off of enemies.

Attack 2- Light Beats: Press 2 to create a wave of light bars that launches enemies into the air.

Attack 3- Record Trap: Press 3 to toss a spinning record that hurts anyone that steps on it.

Soul Gem- Lightcore Remix: Hold 2 longer to multiple bars surround you going to the beat of the music that currently plays in the level.