"Eat my dust!"

-Dirt Thatcher's official catchphrase.

Dirt Thatcher is a mole skylander of the Earth element who has two shovel-like claws that he can use to scoop up dirt and enemies.


Dirt Thatcher was just your average mole who worked in the mines, shoveling up resources to collect and send them to the Highly Industrial Cities in Skylands for purification. One day, when he was digging in the mine, he discovered Traptanium, so he quickly took some over and he noticed some helpful qualities that may just be what Skylands needs. But the Greedy Mole King did not want his mole citizens bringing out helpful material and giving it to outsiders so the king could have it all to himself, and so he can build the ultimate machine to teleport all of Skylands Bank's money and resources to him! More will be revealed soon.

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