"I guess someone wants a bite out of the daughter of the Devil" as she smiles or frowns

- Crystal's catchphrase

22px Crystal 22px

Species: Vampire
Gender: Female
Element: Dark Magic,Very little white magic, and Fire
Role: Vampire Demon
World: Vampire world
Appears in: TBA
Attacks/Actions: wing slice, fire blast
English Voice Actor: TBA

Double-Minded is a Magic skylander made by VesperalLight


Double-Minded was a scientist working for Kaos when one of his experiments went terribly wrong and he found himself split in half, one half of himself being red, and the other being blue. Then he managed to pull himself back together with difficulty. He soon learned to control these powers, and he decided to use them for good rather than evil. He used his powers to destroy the lab and then set off to find Eon, in the hope of being a Skylander.


Crystal usually wheres a black leather suit but when she turned into a vampire she woke up in a white dress like the on she wore in olympus. (this is the leather suit-

coronation dress-

her and her sister-,,,,,,

Crystal's sister-,,,,,

Crystal and her boy friend-,,


  • Double-Minded's toy is actually split into two parts, being the only toy to be so.

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