"Feel the power of the dark side!"

​-Drasketon's catchphrase


Ghost skeleton dragon

Element: Undead


A long time ago, Drasketon lived on Dragon's Peak. But, when Drasketon was young, he had a fight with another dragon where he was thrown from a island in Dragon's Peak. Drasketon fell through the air and lands onto a dark island where a mysterious building was. When he went into the building, he fell in a crater in the ground where he landed in the Ghost World. In the Ghost World, his body changed into a skeleton. Years after he fell to the Ghost World, he became very powerful and had the power to leave the Ghost World. Master Eon had seen this very powerful dragon and wanted him to join the Skylanders. Drasketon joined the Skylanders so he could destroy all evil that is in his way and make freedom in Skylands.


Console StatsEdit

  • Health: 350 (Level 15: 897)
  • Speed: 70 (Max. 120)
  • Armor: 34 (Max. 76)
  • Critical Hit: 50 (Max. 95)
  • Element Power: 56 (Max. 104)

Power Stats                          

  • Strength: 150
  • Agility: 150
  • Defense: 85
  • Luck: 90



Skeleton Tail Smash

Touch attack 1 to smash with your skeleton tail.

Ghost Fire

Touch attack 2 to launch a powerful ghost beam.

Basic Upgrades:

Ghost Flight

Touch attack 3 to fly. More speed and defense while flying.

Super Smash

With a larger tail you do more damage.

Ghost Blast

Ghost Fire does more damage.

Dragon Loadbeam

Hold attack 2 to load up the Ghost Fire attack. While flying, press attack 2 to hit the ground with an Meteor Impact.


Giant Smasher:

Drasketon's Combo's

Touch 1-1-2 to spin in the round and strike all your opponents around you. Touch 1-1-3 to fly in the air and strike your tail on the ground to hit opponents by you.

Ultimate Tail

Skeleton Tail Smash does maximal damage.


Hold attack 1 to load up the Skeleton Tail Smash attack and leave three ghost paths that goes to opponents and damages them.

Dragon Destroyer:

Ghost Thunder

Hold atack 2 and press attack 1 to shoot thunderstrikes form the air.

Ultimate Blast

Ghost Fire does maximal damage.

Meteor Blast

Dragon Loadbeam leaves flames that damages opponents and does maximal damage.

Soul Gem:

From the ghost world

Meteor Impact does maximal damage.


  • Drasketon is the powerfullest Undead-Skylander.
  • Drasketon is one of the few Skylanders that have a distance attack with attack 2.

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