"I'm gonna show you my smashing skills"

Drill X 2.0 official catchphrase

Drill X 2.0 is a newly modified version of Drill X that appears in Skylanders: Fused Elements

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Drill X 2.0

Species: Robot

Gender: Male

Element: Tech

Appearance: Same as the original except with better drills


After his system shut down he was rebuilt by elves. They made him the controller of the world since he had a good heart. One day while all the elves were asleep a troll army came to attack the village. Being the protector, Drill X 2.0 defeated the trolls and saved the village. Eon heard of this and made him a skylander even though he keeps an eye on him


  • Primary attack-Drills: Press A1 to drill enemies
  • Secondary attack-Laser Vision: Press A2 to unleash lasers from eyes

Basic UpgradesEdit

  • Smashing Skills: Hold A1 to make drills go haywire
  • Rocket launch: Press A3 to release rockets from his back
  • Bluez: Hold A2 to burn enemies that touch laser

You'll Be Down For The Count (Smashing)Edit

  • My Smashing Skills: Smashing Skills now makes a ring of fire
  • Haywire: Overusing drills makes them explode
  • Cashing Drills: Overused drills now drop money when exploding

Rocket Man (Rocket)Edit

  • Rocket Mayhem: Four rockets attack at once
  • 4 Times The Fun: Rocket now leave a burn Mark with burns enemies that touch it
  • Old Times: A battle like rocket gets launch off his back


  • Laser View: (Octavius Lair  ) Newly modified laser give off a blast of heat


  • He's the only Skylander not to have a path for his secondary attack

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