Dust Devil is a Earth Imp who's a tricky prankster! Motto "Dust To Glory!"


Dust Devil is from a race of Imps who loved to pull pranks, but Dust Devil was known to be the greatest prankster in all of Skylands. Kaos on the other hand, heard about his greatest prank and sneakily put a ink balloon in Dust Devil's wallet. Then Dust Devil made a very quick switcheroo, and Kaos got inked all over his face, then realized he wasn't the best. Eon then knew that Dust Devil's sneakiness could be a big help, however Eon always checks his wallet for water balloons.


Dust Devil: Press primary button to launch a dust devil that sweeps up multiple enemies.

The old gag: Press secondary button to place either a banana, that makes enemies slip and fall, a mine, that explodes when enemies come near, or throw an ink balloon that blinds enemies.

Switcheroo: Press 3rd attack to switch places with a nearby enemy that leaves them dizzy.

Basic upgradesEdit

Super dust devil: Dust devils are larger and sweeps in more enemies.

Bomb switch: When you switch with an enemy, you drop a mine where you switched.

Novelty jokes: All gags do increased damage.

Dusty beam: Hold primary button to shoot a rapid beam of dust devils that sweep up enemies.

Dusty and the brain( Dust devils)Edit

Sand down your pants: Enemies take damage over time once hit with a dust devil.

Tri dust devils: Shoot 3 dust devils at a time.

Homing mode: Dust devils now chase enemies at full speed.

Oldest tricks in the book (switcheroo and gags)Edit

Vacuum wave: Hold 3rd button, then release to suck in enemies towards you, then quickly disappear which leaves a mega mine that blasts them.

Gag man: All gags do max damage.

Switch tactic: Hold down secondary button, then press 3rd button to quickly place a warp exit, then press again to teleport there.

Soulgem and WowpowEdit

Soul gem: I funny: Now you've got another gag. Now place down a quarter, that enemies are attracted to they try to pick it up and fail, they keep on going until it disappears.

Wowpow: I funnier: Now all gags do more damage the more you use them.



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