"The Latest Buzz!" Emberess' catchphrase.

Emberess is a Core Skylander for the Fire Element in Skylanders Evolution.


Emberess was the princess of a colony of Lavaflies, as shown by her massive glowing abdomen. Although she had an excessive amount of power, just little bit less than her mother, she didn't like the law of herself being confined to the royal chamber. One day, she sneaked off with a hunting party of Soldier Lavaflies, out on a brutal mission to fight the Ice Spiders from the north. Deep in the icy mist, the soldiers found out about Emberess' plan and they marched her home. However, the Ice Spiders ambushed the group on the way back with Emberess in tow, but she held up a valiant fight and melted the Spiders with ease. Upon seeing this, the soldiers invited her to help them take out their nest, which Emberess greatly accepted. Once the war was over, she decided to join the Skylanders to show her mother she could take care of herself.


Attack 1: Fire Fists

Attack 2: Glowing Trail


Happy Trails: Lava Trail can go further.

Fists of Furnace: Fire Fists do more damage and reach out further.

The Blast Supper: Press Attack 2 after leaving a trail to summon Lavaflies to follow and set it alight.

A Literal Fireman: Press Attack 3 to shoot out a stream of lava, it lasts as long as your Lava Trail.

The Defirefly (Fire Fists)Edit

Angry Arthropod: Press Attack 1, 1, and 3 for Lava Rain. Press Attack 1, 1, and 2 for the Splatterbrain Smash.

Bug Bruiser: Fire Fists go even further and do even more damage.

Bombardier Beetle: Charge up your fist for a devasting Super Fist.

Country Roasts (Lava Attacks)Edit

Liar Ants On Fire: Enemies who step on your Trail or your blobs of lava get set on fire.

Cross Cronies: Cross one line of lava with another and more Lavaflies will swarm enemies.

Tri For Gold: Stinger now is split in three, letting off more streams of lava.

Soul GemEdit

Sticky Singers: Fire Fists can pick up items, such as food and gold.