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Empress's StoryEdit

Empress is a dragon who hatched with lots of brothers and sisters in a beautiful land with lots of grass, ponds, flowers, fruit, berries, bushes, and many other things.

Their mother told them stories of bad things that had happened to dragons, and that they must never go beyond the circle of trees. It was about a mile wide, so the other dragons didn't mind. But Empress was curious, and wondered what lay beyond. If there was a chance for adventure, she would take it.

One day a beautiful rainbow filled their land. All of the dragons enjoyed flying up it and flying over the archway. Then, Empress found that right in the middle of it, you could land on it.

Mysterious coloured ghosts made out of fluff told her to stay there, and that they were lonely. She flew down and asked her family if she could stay with the ghosts for a while. They didn't know she was in danger, and agreed.

By day, the ghosts were friendly cuddly pieces of fluff, but when she lay down to sleep, they became evil, and raised the rainbow so that she could never get down. When she woke up, they told her that someone else evil had done it, and that only the ghosts could protect her.

She stayed there for a year, and began to grow like them. They didn't make the rainbow go completely back down, but sometimes they lowered it. She caught sight of her home, but couldn't see her brothers and sisters.

After the dragons caught sight of her, it stayed up for a long time. But eventually the skylanders dragons came to rescue her. They told her that after it had happened, her family had journeyed far away, but they invited her to raise a family of her own, and become a skylander...

Main AttacksEdit

Primary AttackEdit

1: Shoot out baby dragons out of fluff (will stay and attack for a moment)

Secondary Attack Edit

2: Zoom forward (protected and damaging while zooming)

Soul Gem AbilityEdit

Chaos for KaosEdit

Hold 3rd attack for up to 6 rings of baby dragons forming around her. Release and they will fly out at enemies.

Additional AttacksEdit

Take to the airEdit

Ability to fly, and baby dragons form a ring around her.

Colours ForeverEdit

Damage from baby dragon shield is stronger and it protects her more.

Family FightingEdit

When shooting baby dragons, they will be bigger and do more damage.

Rush like the windEdit

Zoom forward lasts longer

Path 1: Family ForeverEdit

Defenceless but StrongEdit

Baby dragons stay in attack for longer

Forbidden FluffEdit

Baby dragons will have a fluff-shield to protect them

Colours of FunEdit

Combos: AAZ/113 - Babies shoot in every direction, AAB/112 - Babies will appear and attack enemies, then explode into fluffballs.

Path 2: Hurricane HappinessEdit

Race MeEdit

Zoom attack stronger

Lizard or BirdEdit

Baby dragons follow in a v-shape during zoom attacks.

Shining ShieldEdit

Empress has stronger armor.

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