Fakelanders is a Skylanders-related game (made by CouyZ) that is not a Skylanders game. It takes place in CouyZ's OC Skylanders' universe. There are 32 Fakelanders and 8 Variant Fakelanders.


Magic Earth Water Fire Tech Life Undead Air
Sparklight Desert Scale Icicle Dynamighty Driller Dracoleaf Demon Horn Dragon Beak
Cosmic Breathe Boulder Gun Surfer Dolphin Canoroo Geargoyle Timbervine Gray Wing Sun Cloud
Abra Pill Burr Arrow Eel Flamia Soundbot Black Belt Poison Bite Spinwolf
Bird Power Sstone Coldox Flareflash Robomole Flowera Darkport Dash Speed

Variant FakelandersEdit

  • Sun Sparklight
  • Amber Pill Burr
  • Blossom Surfer Dolphin
  • Bronze Canoroo
  • Metal Driller
  • Arcane Timbervine
  • Legendary Darkport
  • Dark Spinwolf


Starter PacksEdit

  • Wii U Starter Pack (comes with Sparklight, Flamia and Driller)
  • Nintendo 3DS Starter Pack (comes with Surfer Dolphin, Canoroo and Soundbot)

Adventure PacksEdit

  • Forest Temple (comes with Timbervine, Leaf Cutter and Camoflauge Car)
  • Volcanic Furnace (comes with Flareflash, Black Mask and Flamethrower)
  • Rainbow Universe (comes with Geargoyle, FloatPack and Vacuum Tornado)
  • Cosmic Sky (comes with Dash Speed, Purple Spring and Red Bomb)

Battles PacksEdit

  • Boom Fountain (comes with Icicle and Spinwolf)
  • Drill Mobile (comes with Pill Burr and Bird Power)

Single Pack FakelandersEdit

  • Cosmic Breath
  • Abra
  • Boulder Gun
  • Desert Scale
  • Sstone
  • Arrow Eel
  • Coldox
  • Dynamighty
  • Robomole
  • Flowera
  • Dracoleaf
  • Black Belt
  • Gray Wing
  • Poison Bite
  • Demon Horn
  • Darkport
  • Sun Cloud
  • Dragon Beak

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