" Here comes the cannons! "

- Fang Cannon's Offical Ctachphrase

Fang Cannon is an albino humanoid tiger and one of the playable Skylanders. He has a Dark counterpart, named Dark Fang Cannon. Fang Cannon is also the new Core Skylander to be in the Starter Pack of . Skylanders: Soul Swords.

Background Edit

Appearance: Fang Cannon takes on the appearnce of a albino humanoid tiger. He wears a red scarf around his neck. He also carries heavy shoulder pads which are connected to heavy cannons. He also has a scar on his left eye.

Story: When Fang Cannon was just a cub, he was taken under the Army General, due to the cub's parents being killed in the war. For the past few years, the general took care of Fang Cannon. A gew years after Fang Cannon became an elite rank in the army, trolls attacked once again. The biggest troll of them all, waswith them as the Army General. During the war, the leader troll nearly killed the Army General, if Fang Cannon had not saved his life. Fang Cannon jumped in to take the hit, and shot back with his heavily armed cannons, knocking him out. It wa sthen Fang Cannon earned an honorary place, the Skylanders.

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