Database Edit

  • Name: Farshot
  • Catchphrase: With a sharp eye, you will always shoot!
  • Gender: Male
  • Role: Skylander
  • Home: Skylands
  • Appearance: Farshot takes on the appearance of a mouse about as large as a drow. He wears a patch over his right eye and wears a green robe. He is brown in color and carries a wooden crossbow, along with some arrows in a quiver behind his back. Despite being a mouse, he has no tail.

Game Appearances Edit

Personalitiy Edit

Farshot is much more inteligent than his other fellow Skylanders. He plans very well and never rushes into battle straight away unlike a Skylander, Spyro. He however, is usally agitated when the others follow his plans. This is why most Skylanders follow his plans to not get shouted at.

Backstory Edit

Farshot was once a mouse that lived in a castle made out of leaves. His father, Solouse, was the king of the castle. For being the son of a king, he was well treated and well served. Instead, he joined the army of soldiers so he could practice his shooting skills. He went through a lot of hard work, but was pleased with his job. Then onde day, some evilized sugar bats (Despite the Skylanders beating Kaos, there were still some evilized creatures left) came to attack the castle. Farshot defended the castle with his might and shot them at far distances. Soon, all of the enemies were gone and Farshot was announced to be the new king. However, Farshot rejected the offer and instead traveled to Master Eon, where he would get the chance to become a Skylander. From that day on, Farshot was known to be the best shooter in Skylands making Flameslinger a little bit jealous.

Basic Attacks/Actions Edit

Basic Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Path 1 Edit

Upgrade Path 2 Edit

Soulgem Edit

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