250px-586 Tank

                 " Here for the treat! "

- Fast Eater's official catchfrase

Fast Eater is a skylander of the Earth Element. He is also one of the regular characters in Skylanders Trap Team. He can attack with his metal jaws and eat little enemies.


He was born at the Boogie Islands. But one day a furios machine came and destroyed his village and relatives. It was Kaos! There were also a big shark, a purple dragon and a gremlin with guns! They were the skylanders and he joined them and they defeated Kaos's machine. But Kaos escaped. From that moment he became a skylander!


He likes to destroy so Master Eon built him a village that he can destroy. But he likes eating so much he even eats enemies like chompies and greebles.


Skylanders: Trap TeamEdit

He is one of the regular skylanders in Skylanders Trap Team.

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