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Fire Spirit

Species: Ghost
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Elemental Masters
Attacks/Actions: Fire from Eyes, Ghosts o' Fire and The Haunt of Fire.

"Time to Haunt!"

- Fire Spirit's official Catchphrase.

Fire Spirit is a new Skylander from Skylanders: Elemental Masters. Hes also one of the 10 Elemental Masters.(PAGE STILL IN THE WORKS)


Fire Spirit was created by the most powerful Volcano in skylands. Although he wasn't a spirit just yet he was a normal Human. Yet he could not get out of the volcano. As the volcano erupted he got burned and then became a ghostly spirit, That was on fire that is! He was surprised that his life was over that fast yet it was not. He was still a spirit. Certain people can still see him. But some people can't, Like trolls. Speaking of trolls, Some trolls came along to attack his home land which was the most powerful volcano. Then he thought it was time to use his ghostly powers for good now, His home was being attacked! So he flew on over and Haunted the trolls to scare them away. For protecting his home so well, Master Eon came along and asked Fire Spirit to join the Skylanders and, To become a Elemental Master.

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