Flake Frost lived on the most distant and unpopulated Skyland called Freeze Forest. There was only 13 people, including Flake Frost. One night in the center of the forest, where the Ice shrine was, Flake Frost was attacked by Frost Wolves. She fought them until one bit her and knocked her into the shrine, and the Ice essence was released. The wolves ran in fear, and the essence went into Flake Frost, giving her the ability to freeze everything she touched. When she visited a volcano to stop it from erupting, she failed and turned into a Swap Force.


Swap Force and Ice Huntress and Elf


Ice Arrow: 1 to launch Ice arrow

Freezing touch: 2 to charge and freeze enemies, hold to charge up attack and go further.

Frozen bow: Arrows do more damage

Sacred ground: Press 3 to make ice area that damges enemies over time

Ice target: Hold 3 to choose area

Frozen Heart: Freeze an already frozen enemy for health

Path A: Frost Fire

Burning Ice: Frozen enemies get hurt over time

Launch: Hold X and freeze enemies, then launch forward again

Clear the Area: Hold 1 to launch arrows in all directions

Path B: Sacred Snow

Snow fall: Ice area has snow that falls and deals damge that slows enemies

Sacred health: Area heals you and allies

Snow Storm: Area covers more ground and more snow

Soul Gem: Icy Aura

Snowflakes surround you and slow enemies that touch you.

Flake Frost basically looks like Flamesling but with Stealth Elf's skin and her clothes are blue and white. Her hair is mostly white and pony tail, with blue streaks in it.

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