"The Ultimate Blaze!"

-FlameBurst's Official Catchphrase


Biography Edit

Once There Lived A Sparkling Called Flameburst, when He Started School He Was Always Bullied But One Day He Stood Up An Knocked Out A Bully With His Tail, After He Got Out Of Detention He Ran Away But When He Got Older His Home Town Was Being Attacked So He Rushed To His Home Town And Trolls Were Everywhere Then He Got So Worried That He Charged And Spit Fire At Them After The Town Was Saved Master Eon Found Him And Recruited Him

Moveset Edit

Dragons Breath: Press Primary Attack To Breathe Fire

Startled Fire: Press Secondary Attack To Slam Your Body On The Ground Witch Starts A Fire And Spreads

Magma Orbs: Press Third Attack To Summon 4 Little Fireballs And Press Primary Attack To Fire Them

Basic Upgrades Edit

Blue Sparks: Hold Primary Attack To Charge A Tail Attack Which Changes Your Fire Color To Blue

Fire Fighter: All Attacks Do More Damage

More Fire: You Now Summon 8 Fireballs

Burning Embers Path (Dragons Breath And Magma Orb) Edit

Blue Embers: Fireballs Are Now Blue Which Makes Your Attack Do Max Damage

Giant Meteor: Hold Third Attack To fuse Your Fireballs into A Giant Fireball

Over-Cooked: Dragon Breath Sets Enemies On Fire And Do Damage Every 4 seconds

Forest Fire Path (Startled Fire) Edit

Flaming Blazing: When You Use Secondary Attack You Have A Fire Aura That Damages Enemies For 20 Seconds

Fire Spreads: Startled Fire Does More Damage And Fire Starts To Spread Faster

Sparklings: When You Use Secondary Attack Mini Version Of You Appear

Soul Gem Edit

Soul Gem: Hey Im On Fire!: Hold Secondary Attack To Turn Into The Fire An Move Around And When Enemies Touch You They Get Damaged

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