"I'm pre-sheepic!"Edit


Ultra Flocked, sheep



Flockosaurus was once just a regular dino-sheep in skylands until one day, he found a flocked chompy egg. He walked over to it when it hatched, letting out a flock pulse. The pulse sent him flying into a mabu town that was being invaded by legendary chompies, where he used his new, flocked abilities to save the town. Now he is a skylander and is known for his bravery.


1-Ultra chomp

2-Flocked charge

Soul Gem: Flocked-Pulse

Additional AttacksEdit

Flock flinger

Chomp charge

Charge combo

Path 1- Chomp AttacksEdit

Prehistoric bite

Mega chomp

Roar vacuum

Path 2- Charge AttacksEdit

Super charge 


Ultra flocked charge

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