Flyborg is a robotic deer fly, who attacks with a series of sharp projectiles. Catchphrase "Beware The Buzz!"


Flyborg has always been obsessed with technology and is constantly trying to improve his powers. He keeps on doing this to prepare for the revolutionary battle, between the Arkeyans. Though everyone didn't believe him, but the Arkeyans came unexpectedly. Flyborg fought the, of using techniques and successful made it. He saved the robot bees and part of skylands. Eon decided his fierce bravery saved robots and asked him to join the Skylanders!


Searing laser: Press primary button to shoot a green laser jet forward at a fast rate.

Buzz time: Press secondary button to slash your circular saw in a spinning motion.

Flight of the Flies: Press third button to continuously jet forward increasing armor and speed. You can still fire lasers but you stop jetting if you use buzz saw.

Basic upgradesEdit

Buzz, buzz, buzz!!: Buzz saw does more damage!

Toxic ash: While jetting, you create a smog trail behind you as you jet.

Big O Blaster: Hold press primary button to blast a super laser that also pierces through enemies and changes laser color to yellow.

Buzz thrash: Hold third button then release to cause a blade spin attack that you can continually spin by holding third button.

Weaponry store (Lasers and buzz saws)Edit

Plasma beam: Lasers are blue, shoot at a faster rate, and do more damage.

Buzz trap: While flying press secondary button to drop a spinning saw.

Buzz saw wallet stealer: When enemies are hit by buzz saw, the drop either some gold 70% chance, food 10% chance, or extra XP 20% chance.

Soaring buzz (Jetting/Flying)Edit

Do a barrel roll!: While jetting, press secondary button to do a strong barrel roll that knocks over enemies and damage.

Mini mini blade: When your jetting, two blades stick out from sides to damage any enemy that touches them.

Startsplosion!: When you start to fly, a huge opening explosion occurs which damage enemies with high knockback.

Soulgem and WowpowEdit

Soul gem: Triple laser: Now shoot 3 lasers at a time.

Wowpow: Cough cough: Smog clouds are longer, do more damage and may make enemies dizzy.


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